About us

As a modern OEM industrial supplier UBEX guarantees for the on time delivery and the highest quality of our services. We extremely supply our customers with various components and mechanical spare parts. We supply companies covering different spheres of the industry, like: 

  • Machine-building

  • Energetics

  • Metallurgy

  • Electronics

  • Automotive

  • Agricultural

We from UBEX have strong positions in global bearings distribution market due to the experience we've gained in the last years of research and development. We successfully managed to introduce and popularize to the European and South American markets some of the brand we're distributing (UBX - USA, Koyo - Japan, URB - Romania). Their design and dedication answers the requirements and needs of some of the largest electric motors and automatics manufacturers. The number of our customers has doubled over the past ten years, this shows how reliable and quality-wise our services are. In spite of the continously increasing international price squeeze, we offer customized solutions. To guarantee this we speak with the manufacturer, clarify requirements profiles and look for alternatives. With our multi-branding we guarantee application consulting independent of any specific brand. This puts us in position to supply you with the brand best suited to your requirements. Speak with one of our customer service advisers.