Ball Bearing Units

Our Ball Bearing Units are highly accurate and feature excellent load resistance.

They are completely sealed, and provided with a re-lubrication feature.

Ball bearing units without a re-lubrication feature are also available.




Pillow Block Types

Pillow block type units (UCP, UKP, NAP, NAPK)

Thick section pillow block type units (UCIP, UKIP)

Tapped-base pillow block type unit (UCPA)

Higher center-height pillow block type unit (UCPH)

Light duty pillow block type unit (BLP, ALP)

Compact series pillow block type unit (UP)

Stainless-series pillow block type unit (UCSP-H1S6, USP-S6, UCSPA-H1S6)

Pressed steel pillow block type unit (SBPP, SAPP)

Square Flanged Types

Square flanged type unit (UCF, UCF-E, UKF, NANF)

Square-flanged types with spigot joint: (UCFS, UKFS)

Stainless series square flanged type unit (UCSF-H1S6)

Oval Flanged Types

Rhombic flanged type unit (UCFL, UCFL-E, UKFL, NANFL)

Adjustable rhombic flanged type unit (UCFA)

Three bolt flanged type unit (UCFB)

Light duty rhombic flanged type unit (ALF)

Compact series rhombic flanged type unit (UFL)

Stainless series rhombic flanged type unit (UCSFL-H1S6, USFL-S6)

Round Flanged Types (with spigot joint)

Round flanged types with spigot joint (UCFC, UCFC-E, UKFC)

Pressed Steel Flanged Types

Pressed steel round flanged type unit (SBPF, SAPF)

Pressed steel rhombic flanged type unit (SBPFL, SAPFL)

Take-Up Types

Take up type unit (UCT, UCT-E, UKT

Stainless series take up type unit (UCST-H1S6)

Section steel frame take up type unit (UCTH)

Channel steel frame take up type unit (UCTL)

Pressed steel frame take up unit type (SBPTH, SBNPTH)

Other units

Cartridge type unit (UCC, UKC)

Hanger type unit (UCHA)

Ball Bearing Units for special use:

Trip lip seal unit

Unit with cover

Heat resistant Unit

Ball Bearings for the units:

UC Bearing type (UC)

UK Bearing type (UK)

NA Bearing type (NA)

SB Bearing type (SB)

SA Bearing type (SA)

SU Bearing type (SU) compact series

ER Bearing type (ER)

RB Bearing type (RB)

Plummer blocks:

Plummer blocks consist of self-aligning ball bearings or spherical roller bearings, and a housing in which the bearings are installed. The housing varies in shape. Having a large load capacity and being easy to handle, plummer locks are employed in a variety of industrial machines, such as carrying machines.

Features & Benefits:

Supreme load capacity and accuracy

Rational self-aligning mechanism and optimal fit.

Superior sealing performance

Simple greasing

Highly rigid and strong housing

Simple installation and handling

Various types