Our product range includes many and different European made products manufactured from a trusted suppliers which quality is officially recognized with ISO 9001:2008 certificate and is guaranteed by experienced, long-term employees.

Hydraulic components product range we are marketing includes gear pumps and motors, power packs, pressure and flow control valves, mechanical drum and hydraulic disc brakes and accessories, directional control valves, power take-off units for mobile hydraulic, orbital motors, axial-piston motors and pumps, motor-brakes, hydrostatic steering units and accessories and many more.

Products we offer are used in several of machines and systems in the fields of Agriculture, Industrial, Mining and Mobile industries.

Fast reaction times are our main strength!

If you need expert advice, don't hesitate to contact us! Our team is ready to try & meet your needs. Our technicians and engineers are providing in-time technical service and customer support as well as flexibility in deliveries through available stock of products we have.

We try to keep sufficient stock quantities allowing us to ship certain products directly from our stock basically within several days.

Low speed, High torque Orbital Motors and Motor-Brakes

(Spool and Disc valve, Heavy Duty Versions)

MM Series · MP Series · MR Series · MH Series · MS Series · MV Series

MT Series · RW Series · HW Series · Axial and Radial Piston Motors · Customized motors.

Hydraulic Disk Brakes and Swing Drives

B/MR · B/HR · RWB · MT/B · MTM/B · SW · TW

Valves for Hydraulic Motors (over center, relief valves, switch (shuttle) valves for orbital motors.


Hydrostatic Steering Units

(Open/Closed Center, with/without load reaction)

HKU.../3,4,7 · HKUS.../3,4,8 · HKU.../4PB · HKUQ.../4 · HKUSD.../.../4 · HKU(S).../5(D)(T)(E) · HKUS.../5RDT

HKUL.../5DT · HKUM.../4(PB) · HKUM.../5DT · UVM · XY.../1 · HSFA

Accessories for Steering Units

Valves (BKH · PR) · Steering Columns (KK(F), KKM)

Hydraulic Gear Pumps and Motors

Group 00 · Group 10 · Group 20 · Group 30 · Group 1 · Group 2 · Group 3 · Group 3

Tandem pumps, Pumps with built in valves, reversible pumps and gear motors, Accessories and Adapters for pumps.